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How to Apply

Prospective Freshmen

Students interested in applying for admission to Virginia Tech have the option to request chemistry as either their first- or second-choice major on their application to the university. Information on applying to Virginia Tech can be found at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

High school students with exam credits who wish to major in chemistry are encouraged to accept the non-science credits they have earned, but are strongly recommended to decline credit for Chemistry, Math, and Physics. While this decision ultimately belongs to the individual student, historically, students who decline credit for chemistry and enroll in freshman-level general chemistry perform better than students who accept the credit and enroll in sophomore-level organic chemistry.

Transfer Students

Information for students currently enrolled at other institutions who wish to transfer to Virginia Tech can be found at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

We typically have 10 transfer students enter our program; half from the community college system and half from other four-year colleges and institutions. We work closely with the Virginia Community Colleges to ensure students can make the transition to Virginia Tech with minimal disruptions.

Current Virginia Tech Students

All students who would like to add chemistry as a major MUST make an appointment with Amy Kokkinakos through the Student Success Collaborative (SSC). Detailed instructions for accessing the platform and scheduling an appointment can be found here.