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Undergraduate Research Symposium

Undergraduate Research Symposium

At the end of every semester, undergraduate researchers are invited to participate in a poster session, sponsored by the Department of Chemistry. Participation in the symposium is open to all undergraduates performing research with the Department of Chemistry, regardless of major or academic year. This provides an opportunity for undergraduates to not only receive more direct and practical feedback on their research, but also to help develop presentation and public speaking skills. 

While the symposium is held at the end of both fall and spring semesters, the spring poster session offers prizes for best poster, as judged by the Department of Chemistry Advisory Council. 

Spring 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium Winners:

  • James Alatis (A. Morris Group): "Synthesis and Analysis of Porphyrin Based Zr-Metal Organic Frameworks"
  • Katie Flint (A. Morris Group): "Polymer-MOF Composites for Ultra-light WEight Coatings and Reverse Osmosis Membranes"
  • Scott McGuigan (Lin Group): "Electrochromic Tungsten Oxide Thin Films for Dynamic Glass Utilizing Intercalating Chemistry"
  • Anshul Paripati (Matson Group): "Bottlebrush Polymer Synthesis by Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization: Importance of Anchor Group Selection"

Undergraduate Research Symposium Booklets: