Glass Shop

The Glass Shop is a full-service shop engaged in the design and fabrication of custom and standard scientific glassware. Service is available to the entire Virginia Tech campus and the business community. 


  • Fabrication and repair of borosilicate and quartz glassware
    • Flame working, including cutting, drilling, and grinding
    • Ultrasonic machining
    • Evacuation and silvering
    • Metal-to-glass seals and electrical feed-throughs
  • Instruction, demonstration, and promotional items

Ordering Work

Services are rendered only after an Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) has been processed. Instructions for creating an ISR can be found here. Commercial customers should contact Tom Wertalik to make arrangements to submit a purchase order.

All glassware needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it is brought to the Glass Shop. An acceptable scale drawing is required to aid in the discussion of the repair, construction, or modification required. Service is generally on a first come, first served basis, but emergencies will get higher priority if possible.

How to Submit Work

  • There is a cart located in 002 Hahn Hall South for Glass Shop submissions. As you enter the NMR lab, it is immediately to the left.
  • All work submitted must be clean, contained in a labeled box or crate, and must have a completed Glass Shop Request form. Make sure to put your email on the form. The box must be clearly labeled with your group's name.
  • NO scraps of paper, notes on boxes, or dirty glassware are to be submitted.
  • After you have dropped off your work, notify Tom Wertalik ( Any questions or special instructions should also be emailed to Tom.
  • Tom will notify you when the job has been completed.
  • See Geno in 004 Hahn Hall South to retrieve completed work after you have been notified by Tom.
  • If you have large items, please see Geno Iannaccone to make arrangements to drop off the work.