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Mass Spectrometry

Notice: The Chemistry Mass Spec Center will be partnering with the VT Mass Spectrometry Incubator (VT-MSI) to provide enhanced MS capability and service for the Department of Chemistry. The Chemistry MS Center will cease to charge users effective January 31, 2020. All work conducted after that date will be billed through the VT Fralin Mass Spectrometry Incubator.

The Department of Chemistry's GC/MS capabilities will become part of the Chemistry Chromatography/Separations Service Center which is still under development. 

Last updated January 14, 2020

Mass spectrometry (MS) is used to identify substances by molecular weight. Elemental compositions may be confirmed by accurate mass, and the structure and chemical properties of molecules may be elucidated using tandem MS. Detection can be accomplished with minute quantities. When coupled with appropriate separation techniques, MS can identify compounds at low concentrations in complex mixtures.


The mass spectrometry lab in the Department of Chemistry provides the following analytical capabilities:

  • Direct and flow injection
  • Separation method development for LCMS
  • Accurate mass analysis on the TOF (ESI or APCI, positive and negative ion)
  • Tandem MS and quantitation methods development
  • Elucidation of volatile mixtures (GCMS)


  • Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Fusion Lumos with ETD
  • Waters SYNAPT G2
  • Waters SYNAPT G2-S HDMS
  • ABSCiex 4800 MALDI-TOF/TOF
  • Waters Xevo TQ-S

Ordering Analyses

To order a MS analysis of a sample, please provide the sample, the sample submission form, and Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) to the lab during business hours. Instructions for creating an ISR can be found here. (Commercial customers should contact Geno Iannaccone ( to make arrangements to submit a purchase order.) Services are rendered only after an ISR has been processed.

Pure solid or liquid samples are acceptable. Solutions should be dissolved at a nominal concentration of 1 mg/ml, preferably in methanol. Samples must be completely labeled, and the submission form must be fully executed prior to receiving service. Service is provided on a first come, first served basis, but emergencies will get higher priority when possible.

Sample Submission Forms


Service Center Information

1007 Hahn Hall South

Service Hours
8:30am - 4:30pm

Mehdi Ashraf-Khorassani,

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