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View of Commencement Ceremony from Graduate's Perspective

2022 Awards

Each spring, the Department of Chemistry hosts an award ceremony to recognize the achievements of students, faculty and staff. Many of the awards would not be possible without the generous support and philanthropy of our alumni and friends.

Undergraduate Awards

ACS Analytical Chemistry Award

  • Danya Nahas

ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award

  • Connor Briggs

ACS Organic Chemistry Award

  • Caitlin Winner

ACS Physical Chemistry Award

  • Connor Briggs

ACS-Hach Land Grant Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Samantha Scott
  • Sophie Dalen

ACS-Virginia Blue Ridge Section James Lewis Howe Award

  • Cooper Johnston

Academic Excellence Award

  • Alex Coley
  • Erin Cross-Kaplan
  • Laura Dainton
  • Cooper JohnstonJulia LaFortune
  • Javier Ortiz Alvarado
  • Abigail Resner
  • JohnWilliams

General Chemistry Viers Achievement Award

  • Peter Costescu
  • Faith Forman
  • Julia Gregory
  • Justin Lytle
  • Katy Zirkle

Karen J. Brewer Memorial Award

  • Claire Churchill
  • Stephen Argauer

Undergraduate Poster Session Winners

  1. Cooper Johnston
  2. Neha Reddy
  3. Andrew Webster

Graduate Awards

William H. Starnes, Jr. and Sofia M. Starnes Endowed Chemistry Fellowship

  • Zhijie Yang

Graduate Research Award

  • Harper Grimsley
  • Stephanie Spence
  • Zhen Xu

Graduate Teaching Award

  • Johnathan Bowen
  • Jacob Chappell
  • Andrew Korovich

Graduate Service Award

  • Rachel Bianculli
  • Stella Petrova

Faculty & Staff Awards

Harold M. McNair Staff Service Award

  • Corrin Lundquist

Alan F. Clifford Faculty Service Award

  • John Matson

John C. Schug Research Award

  • Robert Moore

Jimmy W. Viers Teaching Award

  • Amanda Morris

Undergraduate Academic Scholarships

Dr. Roy H. Bible ‘48 Memorial Scholarship

  • Alex Coley

Julius P. Bilisoly Endowed Scholarship

  • Cooper Johnston

John B. and Sarah Hopper Harvie Endowed Scholarship

  • Nadia Shalhoub

Dallas A. Kinser & Robert T. Johnson Scholarship

  • Erin Cross-Kaplan

John William May ‘42 Scholarship

  • Piper MacNicol

Ogliaruso Family Scholarship

  • Nick Bowers

Charles B. Walker Scholarship

  • Madeleine Delacruz

R.S. Whiton Scholarship

  • Skylar Artz
  • Julia LaFortune

James E. McGrath Undergraduate Research Award

  • Piper MacNicol

Chemistry Club

The American Chemical Society Student Affiliates at Virginia Tech, advised by Dr. Maggie Bump, received the ACS Honorable Mention Chapter Award for their 2020–2021 activities.