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Josh Worch

Meet Josh Worch

Joshua C. Worch, Ph.D., joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry as an assistant professor of polymer chemistry in January 2023. Worch completed his undergraduate studies at Manchester College in Indiana and his graduate training at Carnegie Mellon University, where he developed organic semiconducting materials with Kevin Noonan.

After receiving his Ph.D., he moved to the University of Warwick (U.K.). He was awarded a Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship to investigate stereocontrolled click step-growth polymerizations alongside Andrew P. Dove. The group moved to the University of Birmingham (U.K.) in 2018, and Josh was promoted to Group Leader in 2020. He is also an advocate for public engagement, receiving an RSC outreach grant in 2019 to deliver a degradable plastics program at schools and museums in the Midlands of England. 

His research at Virginia Tech will focus on sustainable polymers with a holistic approach, encompassing synthesis and application to end-of-life while integrating green chemistry concepts. He is particularly interested in creating intrinsically recyclable polymers from renewable sources that feature programmable functionality and lifetime.

Outside of the lab, Worch enjoys spending time with his two young children, his spouse, and the family dog. They have been busy exploring the great scenery and outdoor activities that Southwest Virginia offers.