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Cascades Seminar Series

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The Cascades seminar series is a new initiative that aims to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships with colleagues at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) in our region. The monthly seminars provide a platform for PUI researchers to showcase their research efforts, including those involving students who are now Virginia Tech graduate students.

Additionally, the series aims to explore opportunities for collaborations between Virginia Tech and PUI institutions. Furthermore, the seminars offer graduate students opportunities to interact with faculty at PUIs, further enriching their educational experiences.

Upcoming Seminars

March 20

Carol Parish

University of Richmond

Title: "Understanding Host-Guest Interactions, Reaction Mechanisms and Polyradical Electronic Structure: Impassioning Undergraduates using Outcome-Oriented Research"

Host: Daniel Crawford

April 17

JT Poutsma

William & Mary

Title: “Gas-phase thermochemistry, fragmentation behavior and infrared action spectroscopy of proline analogs and proline analog-containing peptides"

Host:  Jim Tanko

Previous Seminars

February 13

Tim Hanks

Furman University

Title: "Anti-biofouling intrinsically conducting polymer films and nanoparticles"

Host: Paul Deck

February 27

Ashleigh Baber

James Madison University

Title: "Modifying Surfaces to Understand and Optimize Heterogeneously-Catalyzed Reactions"

Host: John Morris