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Summer 2022 Virtual Academic Advising and Course Registration

Welcome to Chemistry Summer 2022 Academic Advising and Course Registration!

The Department of Chemistry is excited to welcome our newest Hokies! Virtual Academic Advising and Course Registration is one of the most important parts of your transition to college. This is where you will learn about life as a Hokie, obtain very important information for your success, and meet with your academic advisor to enroll in classes for the fall semester.

Virtual Academic Advising and Course Registration Checklist

These are two parts to Orientation: your orientation session with New Students and Family Programs, and your academic advising session with an advisor in the Department of Chemistry. These two parts will probably occur on different days. 

All students are required to complete the following steps prior to attending their virtual academic advising and course registration session with an academic advisor in the Department of Chemistry.  If you do not complete these steps, your academic advising appointment will be rescheduled.

Complete Step 1: Begin with Technology as outlined on the College of Science's checklist page.This step must be completed before you can complete any other steps.

Complete Step 2: Transcripts and Expected Credits as listed on the College of Science's checklist page. This step is critical as the information you provide will ensure you are taking the correct classes. Your academic advisors need this information to help you register for the Fall 2022 class schedule that is right for you.

Complete Step 3: College of Science Action Items as listed on the College of Science's checklist page. In this step, you will enroll in classes for the Fall 2022 semester! You will be able to enroll in classes starting on June 13. The last day to enroll in classes prior to your academic advising appointment is June 30. A hold will be placed on your account on July 1 which will prevent you from making changes to your Fall 2022 class schedule until your virtual academic advising appointment in July, during which we will make any necessary changes to your class schedule.

The required list of classes is called the checksheet. Checksheets are found in the Chemistry Department Handbook (see step 4).

  1. Bookmark the Department of Chemistry website
  2. Review the Handbook for Chemistry Majors; you will find the checksheet for your major in this handbook
  3. Schedule a one-on-one advising appointment with a Department Advisor in July 2022.
    All appointments are virtual via Zoom.
    Your advisors are Dr. Patricia Amateis (, Director of Undergraduate Programs, and Amy Kokkinakos (, Undergraduate Program Coordinator. When you attend your virtual advising session, your advisors will work with you to finalize your classes. You will receive an email on June 9 with instructions on how to schedule your academic advising appointment on Navigate.