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In the event of an emergency, fire, chemical spill, or flood, DIAL 911

Non-emergency phone numbers

  • Virginia Tech Police Non-emergency line: 540-231-6411
  • Poison: 1-800-222-1222 (Blue Ridge Poison Center)
  • Non-Emergency Medical Care (Schiffert Health Center)
  • Virginia Tech Environmental Health and Safety: 540-231-3600
  • Department of Chemistry Main Office: 540-231-5391
  • Kenny Smith, Facilities Manager: 540-231-6111
  • Alan Esker: 540-231-8251 (office)

Procedure for Building System Failure

  1. In the event a building systems fails and needs immediate attention and the Main Office is closed, call the Virginia Tech Police Dispatcher at 540-231-6411. 
  2. Tell the dispatcher the nature and location of the problem. 
  3. After you have called the campus police dispatcher, call Kenny Smith at 540-231-6111 or email him at
Brian Tissue

Brian Tissue
Safety Committee Chair

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