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Highlands in Chemistry

The Highlands in Chemistry seminar series is a weekly event hosted by the Department of Chemistry designed to share research ideas within the chemistry community and beyond. The series was started in 1966 by Alan Clifford, who was appointed chemistry department head the same year. Speakers from all over the world involved in academia, industry, and government come to share their research with colleagues and students.

Highlands seminars take place on Fridays throughout the semester at 2:30 p.m. in Hahn Hall North 140.

Spring 2024 Seminars

January 26

Julia Kubanek

Georgia Tech

Host: Emily Mevers

February 2

Selvan Demir

Michigan State University

Host: Nick Mayhall

February 9

Yuriy Roman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Host: Guoliang Liu

Februrary 16

Will Gutekunst

Georgia Tech

Host: Adrian Figg

February 23

Michael Schulz

Virginia Tech

Host: Amanda Morris

March 1

James Cahoon

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Host:  Lina Quan

March 15

Oleg Borodin


Host: Louis Madsen/Feng Lin

March 22

Steven Boxer

Stanford University

Host: Alan Esker/Valerie Welborn

March 29

Xiaodong Shi

University of Maryland, College Park

Host: Ming Chen

April 5

Amy Rosenzweig

Northwestern University

Host: Amanda Morris/Diana Thornton

April 19

Qiang Cui

Boston University

Host: Valerie Welborn