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Highlands in Chemistry

The Highlands in Chemistry seminar series is a weekly event hosted by the Department of Chemistry designed to share research ideas within the chemistry community and beyond. The series was started in 1966 by Alan Clifford, who was appointed chemistry department head the same year. Speakers from all over the world involved in academia, industry, and government come to share their research with colleagues and students.

Highlands seminars take place on Fridays throughout the semester at 2:30 p.m. over Zoom. To attend, please contact Corrin Lundquist ( for the link.

Seminar Date Speaker Title
January 22
Host: Daniel Crawford
Trygve Helgaker
University of Oslo, Norway
"The Exotic Chemistry in a Strong Magnetic Field"
January 29
Host: John Matson
Patricia Dankers
TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
"Synthetic extracellular matrices based on bioinspired supramolecular polymers"
February 12
Host: Bob Moore
Davita Watkins
University of Mississippi
""Janus-type" Block Copolymers: Supramolecular Strategies to Theranostic Nanomedicine"
February 19
Host: Diana Iovan
Chris Uyeda
Purdue University
"The Simmons–Smith Reaction in the Age of Catalysis"
February 26
Host: Webster Santos
Bill Wuest
Emory University
"Slaying superbugs one natural product at a time"
March 5
Host: Emily Mevers
Brian Murphy
University of Illinois Chicago
"Toward antibiotic discovery from a bacterial colony: A primer for academia."
March 12
Host: Greg Liu
Markus Antonietti
Max Planck Institute
"The Carbon-Nitrogen-Materials space: from supercatalysts to new energy storage to unexpected quantum effects, and all sustainable"
March 19
Host: Amanda Morris
Paul Walton
University of York, United Kingdom
"Spectroscopy and Structures of LPMOs: Copper Oxygenases that Oxidize Cellulose"
March 26
Host: Michael Schulz
Rachel O'Reilly
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
"Precision polymeric nanoparticles"
April 2
Host: Valerie Welborn
Anastassia Alexandrova
University of California Los Angeles
"Dynamic fluxionality and metastable nature of active sites of supported cluster catalysts"
April 9
Host: Harry Dorn
Steven Stevenson
Purdue University - Fort Wayne
"Fullertubes: Long-Awaited, Experimental Discovery, Separation, and Isolation of a Missing Family of Pristine, Carbon Molecules"
April 16
Host: Andrew Lowell
Grover Waldrop
Louisiana State University
"Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase as Target for Antibacterial Development"
April 23
Host: Feng Lin
Yijin Liu
"A Macro-to-nano zoom through the hierarchy of a lithium-ion battery and beyond"
April 30
Host: Alan Esker
Harry Dorn
Virginia Tech
"Davidson, McBryde and the Origins of Chemistry at Virginia Tech"