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The Cascades seminar series is a new initiative that aims to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships with colleagues at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) in our region. The monthly seminars provide a platform for PUI researchers to showcase their research efforts, including those involving students who are now Virginia Tech graduate students.

Additionally, the series aims to explore opportunities for collaborations between Virginia Tech and PUI institutions. Furthermore, the seminars offer graduate students opportunities to interact with faculty at PUIs, further enriching their educational experiences.

Upcoming Seminars

October 2

Kyle Lambert

Old Dominion University

2:30 PM - Hahn Hall North 402

Title: "Synthetic Strategies Towards Alkaloid Natural Products and Predictive Models for C-H Borylation"

Host: Webster Santos

October 9

Sam-Shajing Sun

Norfolk State University

2:30 PM - Hahn Hall North 402

Title: “Polymers for Potential Renewable and Clean Energy Conversions"

Host:  Greg Liu

October 23

Joe Bennett

University of Maryland Baltimore County

2:30 PM - Hahn Hall North 402

Title: "The Discovery and Design of New Materials as Multifunctional Platforms."

Host: Andrew Lowell

November 13

Dennis Ashford

Tusculum University

2:30 PM - Hahn Hall North 402

Title: "Modulating Excited State Properties and Ligand Ejection Kinetics in Ruthenium Complexes Designed to Act as Photochemotherapeutics"

Host: Amanda Morris

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