Highlands in Chemistry

The Highlands in Chemistry seminar series is a weekly event hosted by the Department of Chemistry designed to share research ideas within the chemistry community and beyond. The series was started in 1966 by Alan Clifford, who was appointed chemistry department head the same year. Speakers from all over the world involved in academia, industry, and government come to share their research with colleagues and students.

Highlands seminars take place on Fridays throughout the semester at 2:30 p.m. in Hahn Hall North 140.

Seminar Date Speaker Title
September 6
Host: John Matson
John Toscano
Johns Hopkins University
Chemistry and Biology of Small Molecule Signaling Agents: HNO and H2S
September 13
Host: Michael Schulz
Bob Waymouth
Stanford University
Organocatalytic Polymerization: From Chemistry to Biology
September 20
Host: Feng Lin
Stan Whittingham
Binghamton University
*Annabelle Lee Memorial Lecture*
What are the Chemistry and Materials Limitations to Advancing Lithium Batteries to the Next Level?
September 27
Host: Paul Carlier
Aaron May
Virginia Commonwealth University
Next Generation Antibacterial Strategies - Type III Secretion System Inhibition
October 11
Host: Jim Tanko
Robert Flowers
Lehigh University
Proton Coupled Electron Transfer in Substrate Reduction by Sm(II)-Proton Donor Complexes
October 18
Host: Webster Santos
Andrei Yudin
University of Toronto
Dominant rotors as a means to control macrocycles
October 25
Host: Amanda Morris
Geri Richmond
University of Oregon
*Friends of Larry Taylor Lectureship*
Taking a Deep Dive into Understanding Environmentally Important Processes at Water Surfaces
November 1
Host: Amanda Morris
Karen Goldberg
University of Pennsylvania
*Annabelle Lee Memorial Lecture*
Developing Alternatives to Oil as Feedstocks for our Chemicals and Liquid Fuels
November 8
Host: Greg Liu
Karen Wooley
Texas A&M University
*Gladys Yee Peng Lecture*
Natural Product-based Polymers that Address Health-Food-Energy-Water Challenges
November 15
Host: Geoff Coates
Geoff Coates
Cornell University
New Methods for the Synthesis of Sustainable Polymers
November 22
Host: Paul Carlier
Ken Hsu
University of Virginia
Chemical Biology and Chemistry for Translational Lipid Biology and Beyond
December 6
Host: Nick Mayhall
Tom Miller
Getting Something for Nothing: Classical and Machine-Learning Methods for Quantum Simulation