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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Whether or not you decide to major in chemistry, the Department of Chemistry provides ample opportunity for undergraduates across the university to participate in research. For chemistry majors, students are encouraged to participate in at least one research project during their time at Virginia Tech.

Why should I do research?

Undergraduate research is often a valuable experience to students who participate. Students have the opportunity to work directly with a faculty member who will help choose and design a research project that meets the individual's interests and goals. In the lab, the research project is carried out under the guidance and supervision of a graduate student or postdoctoral associate. 

The opportunity to be directly involved in scientific discovery is a primary reason students choose to be involved with undergraduate research. Skills and knowledge from the classroom are developed far beyond what can be taught in lecture, and involvement in research builds scholarly independence, teamwork, and communication skills. Along with the gained knowledge and research skills, the strong commitment required from the student to manage their schedule makes graduates highly competitive for entry into graduate/professional programs as well as the job market.

Undergraduate Research Contact

Joseph Merola
3109 Hahn Hall South