(August 3, 2017) Scott Radzinski (Ph.D. '17) has won the 2017 Harold M. McNair Graduate Research Award in Chemistry. This prestigious award has been made possible by the generosity of one of our most well known and beloved faculty members, Prof. Harold McNair. In the lab, Scott's goal was to synthesize tapered bottlebrush polymers which take on a cone shape rather than the common cylinder shape. His research led to the development of several new methods to synthesize traditional bottlebrush polymers and resulted in five first-author papers and three talks at the San Francisco ACS meeting in April 2017, including one for the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium as part of that award from the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry.  In addition to his lab achievements, he has been described as an excellent mentor to younger students and fastidious when it comes to safety in the lab. He will continue his training as a postdoc at the Army Research Labs in Aberdeen Proving Ground. Congratulations Scott!