Save the Date!

Exactly one week from today on Tuesday, March 19th at 12 p.m., Virginia Tech will be kicking off our second annual Giving Day! As you may remember from last year, Giving Day is a 24-hour event where Hokies from around the world have the opportunity to maximize the impact of their contribution. We’ll hope you’ll join us in this special event!

How does it work?

Throughout the 24-hour period, starting at noon on March 19th and ending at noon on March 20th, any gift made to the Department of Chemistry Annual Fund has the unique chance to be maximized through several opportunities. These opportunities are supported by donors who have pledged to either match every gift up to a set dollar amount, or donate a set amount to the Annual Fund once certain parameters are met (either number of donors or amount given). This year, the Department has four opportunities to help maximize the impact of your gift. You can view them online at and follow their progress day-of!

How can I participate?

Gifts can be made online through the Giving Day website. To ensure your gift goes to the Department of Chemistry, make sure you designate your gift to the  “Department of Chemistry Annual Fund”. All gifts made on Giving Day will automatically be counted towards our challenges! If you’d like to give before March 19th but would like your gift to count towards our Giving Day challenges, follow this link here and be sure to type “Department of Chemistry Annual Fund” into the “Other Designation” box.