(April 29, 2019) At the Graduate School’s annual awards banquet last month, graduate student Kristen Noble was awarded the 2019 Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award. Kristen has been a valuable asset to the department since her first semester, particularly excelling as a graduate teaching assistant. Over the course of her graduate career, she has taught a total of six semesters in a range of courses, including general chemistry lab, analytical chemistry for majors recitation, analytical chemistry lab, physical chemistry lab, and descriptive inorganic lecture.

Her faculty research advisor, Prof. Bob Moore, wrote that “what makes [Kristen] truly remarkable is that she has taught (with demonstrated excellence) in a different course each semester, in three of the four major divisions of chemistry.” Typically, a GTA will remain in one course throughout their graduate career to build competency and gain confidence in the subject matter, but this has not been proven to be a hurdle for Kristen.  “Based on [her] solid fundamentals and profound teaching skills, Kristen is extremely effective from day one, regardless of her assignment.”

This praise isn’t limited to only coming from the faculty, but also from her students who make it clear in their student evaluations that Kristen is a beloved and cherished TA. According to Moore, she has some of the most consistently high student evaluation scores and is subsequently one of the most requested GTAs in the department, a true testament to her success and gift of teaching.

After she graduates, Kristen will be taking that gift to Roanoke College, where she will be working as an instructor, teaching both general chemistry and a course in chemistry and crime that will combine her expertise in chemistry with her undergraduate degree in forensic science (Kristen graduated from West Virginia University with two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in chemistry and another in Forensic and Investigative Sciences).

Congratulations, Kristen! We are excited to see all that you accomplish!