(June 21, 2021) Recent Ph.D. graduate Dr. Muhammad Mominur Rahman has been selected as one of two awardees for the Electrochemical Society Battery Division Student Research Award sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Research and Development. Mominur was selected from an international pool of graduate students working on electrochemical power sources. The award acknowledges promising young scientists who have demonstrated exceptional research output and are poised to be future leaders in the field.

As a graduate student in the Lin Lab under the supervision of Prof. Feng Lin, Mominur made seminal contributions to the development of advanced cathode materials for next generation Na-ion and Li-ion batteries. In his research, Mominur combined his expertise in synthesizing cathode materials for alkali-ion batteries with advanced in situ and ex situ synchrotron characterizations to formulate design principles of stable and high-energy cathode materials. His work spans understanding surface-to-bulk chemistry of cathode materials to the development of cathode materials for extreme environments such as outer space and nuclear reactors.

As part of the award, Mominur will present at the Electrochemical Society’s 240th meeting in Orlando, Florida, to showcase his work.

Congratulations Dr. Rahman!