"A few years ago my grandma was in a nursing home for a few months after she had a surgery. I would go and visit with her and she had a roommate who was so precious, her name was Mrs. Mills. Everytime I would go she was so excited to see us, me and my brother, and I would always talk to her because she was really friendly. She had a lot of grandchildren but they didn't come to visit her much so she told me I was her “honorary granddaughter”. It was so adorable and she was just so full of life and so spunky. She would say the funniest things. One time we were visiting her and she was sitting on the edge of her hospital bed and we said, “get back further than that” and she said “don’t worry about me! I live on the edge.” She always made everyone smile. Another time I got both her and my grandma some ice cream from the ice cream shop across the street and she was really excited and she called it a party and she talked about the “party” for several weeks after that. It was a good time and it was always nice to talk to her. My grandma didn't have to stay there very long and Mrs. Mills was staying there for the rest of her life, but we would go back to see her when I was home for the weekend. After she passed away, her daughter contacted my grandma and sent me some of her mother’s jewelry and said that she had wanted me to have that. She sent me this really beautiful necklace and I wear it every time I give a big presentation. When I gave my prelim and my internal seminar, I was wearing this necklace. I want to channel that energy and I think she would be really proud. It was sweet that she thought of me and it just always meant a lot to me that I got to know her." - Hannah Cornell