(June 9, 2022) Fourth-year graduate student Zhijie Yang and his advisor, Prof. Feng Lin, together with Haibo Huang, an associate professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech, have recently published a paper in Advanced Energy Materials. The paper, titled, “Sustainable Electric Vehicle Batteries for a Sustainable World: Perspectives on Battery Cathodes, Environment, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Life Cycle, and Policy” gives an overview of each step of lithium-ion battery development including materials development, manufacturing, recycling, legislation and policy and more.

According to the abstract, lithium-ion batteries have the potential to reduce carbon emissions through use in electric vehicles and can promote renewable energy development through incorporating energy storage into the electric grid. Through a thorough analysis of the recent literature and research, the perspective offers insight into many aspects of the implementation of lithium-ion batteries and envisions the potential future development of lithium-ion batteries and associated infrastructures.

To learn more about the work, read the article here.