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Shamindri Arachchige

Senior Instructor
Shamindri Arachchige
109F Davidson Hall
  1. Theodore R. Canterbury; Shamindri M. Arachchige; Karen J. Brewer; and Robert B. Moore “A new hydrophilic supramolecular photocatalyst for the production of H2 in aerobic aqueous solutions” Chem. Comm2016, 52(56), 8663-8666. 
  2. Hannah M. Rogers; Shamindri M. Arachchige; and Karen J. Brewer “Enhancement of solar fuel production schemes by using a Ru,Rh,Ru supramolecular photocatalyst containing hydroxide labile ligands” Chem. Eur. J., 2015, 21, 1-8. 
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  • Alumni Award for Outreach, Virginia Tech, 2014 (team)
  • College of Science Outreach Award, Virginia Tech, 2012 (team)
  • Favorite Faculty Award, Department of Residence Life, Virginia Tech, 2012–2015
  • B.S. Chemistry, The Open University of Sri Lanka, 1998
  • Graduateship in Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, 1998
  • Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Wayne State University, 2006