NMR Spectroscopy

The measurement of small variations in radio-frequency nuclear magnetic resonances (NMR) leads to the elucidation of covalent structure, stereochemistry (including conformations), and dynamics. 


Instrument Capabilities Location
Bruker Avance III 600 MHz Solution & Solids, multinuclear, PFG 006 Hahn Hall South
Bruker Avance II 500 MHz Multinuclear; Prodigy N2 cooled cryoprobe 006 Hahn Hall South
Varian Inova 400 MHz Multinuclear, PFG 006 Hahn Hall South
Agilent U4-DD2 400 MHz Multinuclear, VT, 5-mm, 96 sample robot 002 Hahn Hall South
Agilent MR4 400 MHz Multinuclear, PFG, 5-mm, 12 sample carousel 002 Hahn Hall South
Bruker Avance III 400 MHz Diffusion studies, imaging 006 Hahn Hall South
Bruker Avance II 300 MHz Solids only, 7- and 4-mm, CPMAS 006 HHS

Using the NMR Instruments

FACES Online Scheduling System

To gain access to the FACES online scheduling system or to use the instruments, users must have completed the training course offered by the NMR staff. To sign up for training, contact the NMR staff.

Sample Submission
Occasional users and external concerns may submit samples to NMR staff in 006 Hahn Hall South for analysis. Samples must be completely labeled and a submission form must be completed. Service is generally provided on a "first come, first served" basis, but emergencies will get higher priority if possible.

Each individual wishing to use an NMR instrument or to submit samples to the service center must have a current Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) on file. Instructions for creating an ISR can be found here.

NMR Resources